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Fall 2022 Events:

Unless otherwise indicated, all events are held in the Dancz Center Black Box Theater (HHSOM room 264) and open to the public. Student Composer Association seminars in italics, concerts and recitals in bold.

8/26 4:10pm Student Composer Group Presentations/Listening Sessions
9/2 4:10pm Dancz Center Technology Workshop #1
9/9 4:10pm Choral Writing Seminar (Sarah Gallo, guest speaker)
9/16 4:10pm New Graduate Student Composer Presentations
9/23 4:10pm Guest Composer: Helen Werling
9/30 4:10pm Listening Party
10/7 4:10pm Athens Hip Hop Harmonic Collaboration (Berger, Hiel, Weidman, Pederson-Takeda)
10/7 7:30pm Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Concert (*Ramsey Hall, PAC)
10/14 4:10pm Guest Artists talk: Transient Canvas (Matt Sharrock and Amy Advocat)
10/14 6:00pm 6:30pm Guest Artist Performance: Transient Canvas
10/20 7:30pm Athens Hip Hop Harmonic performance (*Hodgson Hall, PAC)
10/21 4:10pm SCA Recital composer presentations
10/21 6:00pm SCA Recital #1
11/4 4:10 Visiting Guest Artist: Clare Longendyke on Creative Placemaking
11/4 6:00pm Guest Artist Concert: Clare Longendyke, piano
11/11 4:10pm DawgBytes performance
11/18 4:10pm SCA Recital Composer Presentations
11/18 6:00pm 4:10pm SCA Recital #2
11/18 6.00pm SCA and Fashion Design Students Association Runway Collaboration (Georgia Museum)
12/1 7.30pm Holiday Concert: Claudia Beroukhim *premiere* with Hodgson Singers (*Hodgson Hall, PAC)
12/2 4:10pm Game Day
12/6 11.30am Studios-in-Residence Collaborative Concert with Dr. Amy Petrongelli's Voice Studio
12/6 6.00pm Ryan Ward BM Composition Recital
12/6 7.30pm Caitlin Santos BM Composition Recital