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Fall 2021 Events:

9/3/21 5pm

SCA back to school concert

Back to School Virtual Concert/Listening Party @ Dancz (or online)

9/17/21 4.10pm Dr. Amy Pollard -- Seminar on Writing for Bassoon
9/17/21 5pm

boba tea time

@ Ding Tea Athens

9/24/21 5pm


Library of Babel Installation by Jared Bradley Tubbs @ Dancz

10/15 4.10pm Dr. Brandon Quarles - Seminar on Writing for Saxophones
10/22 5pm

SCA recital

SCA Recital @ Dancz

11/4 4.30pm AHHH
11/11 7.30pm Subaerial Collective
11/12 4.10pm Wargo
11/18 7pm zaira
11/19 4.10pm

DawgBytes - Improvisation Works @ Dancz Center


11/19 6pm Ayako Pederson-Takeda Cello Recital (an all 20th century program!) @ Edge Hall
11/30 5pm

Contemporary Chamber Ensemble @ Dancz Center


12/1 7.30pm

Mike Flynn Doctoral Composition Recital @ Dancz Center


12/2 2.30pm Ayako Pederson-Takeda and Andres Luz/Hodgson Wind Ensemble Reading @ Band Room
12/3 5pm

Music for 360degree Speaker Dome @ Dancz Center


12/7 7pm

Student Composers Association Final Recital @ Dancz Center



Spring 2022 Events:

2/4 4.10pm Faculty Presentation: Tom Hiel (Media Composition)
2/11 5.30pm Sam Hoyland DMA Composition Recital
2/17 2-4pm Eunmi Ko (Willson Distinguished Artist) Piano Masterclass  
2/18 11.30am Eunmi Ko Workshop and Recording (works by UGA composers Jackson Camp, Mia Hill, Michael Solomon, and Ethan Surles)
2/18 4.10pm Eunmi Ko Recital
2/25 7pm SCA Recital 1
2/28 6pm Guest Performance: Domino Ensemble 
3/4 5.30pm Dan Karcher DMA Composition Recital
3/18 6pm Ayako Pederson-Takeda BM Composition Recital
3/19 6PM Unheard-of//Ensemble Residency Concert
3/20 TBA Unheard-of//Ensemble Reading/Recording Session and Workshop
3/24 6pm Guest Recital: Adrianne Munden-Dixon 
3/25 4.10pm Guest Presentation: Adrianne Munden-Dixon
3/25 7pm Women of Dancz Recital (Virtual)
4/1 6.10pm Faculty Presentation: Brandon Quarles (Improvisation)
4/8 6pm SCA Recital 2
4/11 3-5pm SpacePants Workshop 1
4/11 5.30pm SpacePants Talk on Enthusiasm
4/12 2-4pm SpacePants Workshop 2
4/13 6pm SpacePants Residency Concert
4/14 11am Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Reading @ Symphony Hall Atlanta (private workshop w/ composers begins at 8am)
4/14 7pm Julien Berger Saxophone Recital (works by Ryan Ward, Chris Hernandez, Bryan Wysocki, Ayako Pederson-Takeda and Paul DiCicco)
4/18 TBA Paul DiCicco BM Composition Recital
4/19 TBA Ryan Eck BM Composition Recital
4/21 7.30pm Hodgson Wind Ensemble Concert - Ayako Pederson-Takeda and Adam Gorb Premiere
4/22 4.10pm Guest Presentation: Adam Gorb
4/22 6pm Studios-in-Residence Performances
4/29 7.30pm Bryan Wysocki DMA Composition Recital